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Our vision

We believe that designing products and services in close partnership with our clients is the only way to have a real impact on their business.

Years of services

Information Technology

Full description
We are currently looking for an effective Software Developer with a solid background in building scalable data web applications. This is a hands-on development position that requires technical leadership around software development and SaaS solutions. The ideal candidate blends deep technical knowledge, experience building scalable web services and data analytics solutions in a fast growth environment with agile development methodologies, and a responsive communication style and customer focus attitude.
Responsibilities: This position spans the following primary roles:
• Scalable Web Application Development
• Architect and develop data processing application layer for scalable SaaS platform responsible for I/O of biometric, lifestyle data and transactional data.
• Re-architect prototype structures where necessary to facilitate long-term robustness, scalability and developer velocity.
• Specify and implement APIs and other I/O interfaces for data queuing, database storage, and application-to-application data exchange.
• Communicate and work closely with management to schedule delivery of feature sets, estimate task timeframes, and follow agile iteration processes.
Research and evaluate new technologies to be used as enhancements or upgrades to existing server clusters, computing applications and other IT infrastructure components.
• Document code and maintain applications as new functionality is developed and new deployments and revisions rolled out.

Data Science

As the Senior Data Scientist, you'll be responsible for developing analytical experiments and regularly evaluating alternate models to support strategic initiatives and ongoing business processes. You'll work with leads, analysts and data producers/consumers to understand requirements, develop technical solutions and ensure the reliability and performance of the data solutions. As part of our growing, dynamic team, you'll have the support to excel at work and the resources to build a career you can be proud of.

What You'll Do On a Typical Day

  • Conceive and develop end-to-end solutions focused on data science and engineering, using machine learning and deep learning algorithms, statistical concepts, data modeling, software development, cloud computing and visualizations
  • Resolve technical issues in existing processes and current development work; solicit assistance from other roles and groups, and drive resolution to ensure the integrity of platform quality and project timelines
  • Understand and improve shared standard patterns, templates and artifacts for data science platform architecture, data science development approaches, data models, new technology adoption and rollout
  • Collaborate with IT and business teams to identify and document use cases, performance and capability requirements, and criteria for successful solution delivery
  • Mentor other team members on technical skills, methodologies, problem solving approaches
  • Generalize and share technical approaches among other developers, and simplify and communicate completed work to broader audiences across the company

Your responsibilities will include hands-on implementation and development of ETL, API, streaming, and other integration tools running on Amazon Web Services. The services you build will enable mobile applications and integration with 3rd party systems. You will be comfortable working with Product Managers to turn great ideas into detailed requirements. You will also design how features should be implemented, and help determine the best architecture to use in each situation.

Your Competencies: • 8+ years experience developing integrations between web based applications and services • Full-stack coding experience with Java, Python or similar programming languages • Strong integration skills including REST APIs, message queuing, streaming (Kinesis, Kafka) • Understanding of source control management (Git/GitHub) • Strong communication and collaboration skills • Ability to work in a fast-paced dynamic environment • A passion to stay current with new technologies and engineering concepts • Hands-on cloud expertise (preferably AWS) with strong understanding of SaaS models

Key Responsibilities: • Be the technical lead engineer responsible for building integrations between several components in an end to end life sciences solution which is comprised of multiple software products • Full-stack design, development, and operation of multiple system integrations as part of a complete solution • Own the team’s roadmap and project planning process, partnering with stakeholders to develop business objectives and translate those into action • Work with other Agile team members to build in test automation from the ground up for every integration in the system • Work with system architects to develop data flows and align to application integration standards • Ensure efficiency, quality, resiliency of the integrations • Design and build integrations that scale to thousands of users and millions of patients without sacrificing performance

Investment Research

Student Intern Program

AIDVP Investment Research Intern & School Program Manager

Spring 2022

The mission of AIDVP is to help users invest better together.

QuiverTrees by AIDVP is a mobile-first investment tool helping users develop investment ideas and focus on understanding “How good is a company?” Whether friends, classmates, or mentors, build your team to invest better together by leveraging QuiverTrees as follows:

Thinking frameworks that spark better thinking Community to learn, share and investigate together AI bot that studies corporate filings, including financial statements Stock recommendation models based on institutional investors’ allocations Q&A platform to interact with subject matter experts

We believe undergraduate and graduate students represent future investors. The QuiverTrees Student Investment Research Intern and School Program Manager role is a new opportunity for students to learn investment research techniques and help build better and more responsive investment communities while working for a startup and driving awareness of QuiverTrees as the go-to mobile platform for investment networking.

We are looking for our Spring 2022 students to: Sign up new users on QuiverTrees and partner apps Participate in ambassador check-ins with QuiverTrees leadership Engage in social media on QuiverTrees topics Complete six weeks of training on Investment research Write investment research notes

What you will learn: Financial Modeling Consulting and equity research frameworks Key research areas based on sector and industry Accounting financial shenanigans Key matrix and performance measurements used and differed by industry and sectors Bottom-up research process

What you will learn: Financial Modeling Consulting and equity research frameworks Key research areas based on sector and industry Accounting financial shenanigans Key matrix and performance measurements used and differed by industry and sectors Bottom-up research process

The ideal candidate will have the following characteristics: Currently enrolled undergraduate or graduate students, open to all majors Interest in investing, financial services, accounting, finance, consulting, and entrepreneurship Strong communication and organizing skills

*This is a part-time paid position, and we offer competitive pay. Details to be discussed during the interview.

Enterprise Sales